Orange County lenders foreclosing on christmas eve?

It is good news?, well perhaps it is, it will at least allow families to have a moment of peace, but how much for real, these families will enjoy?

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No matter what your current situation is, my team and I are ready to help you overcome even the toughest situation. Let’s work together to analyze your current financial condition, prepare the BEST strategy to either keep your home or rescue your credit history from taking a great and LONG lasting DAMAGE. We are specialist in this subject matter, you ARE not alone

How to avoid foreclosure in orange county

First of all you need to understand that in order to be in foreclosure procedure is because you (the borrower) has failed to make at least 3 consecutive payments to your lender or servicer and have not been able to get into any workout solution with your lender in order to avoid this situation.

If you are going through a financial or any other kind of hardship that is preventing you from making you mortgage payment, CALL YOUR LENDER and explain your situation, most of the time they are willing to offer you a temporal solution so you can avoid foreclosure procedures.

If you have talked to your lender or servicer and you have not come to any solution or agreement, call a counseling agency and explain what have you attempted to do so far to avoid foreclosure, they may have other ways to help you negotiate with your lender a temporal or permanent solution.

But what it matter the most is,

You need to take action! you need to contact your local real estate agents, your local credit counseling agency and your lender/servicer, and request HELP. if you keep it to yourself, if you think you know it all, if you think you can handle it with no one assistance, I’m sorry to tell you this BUT you are mistaken! You are the affected party, your emotions no matter how strong you are, they will not be 100% focused on a work out solution but on a problem.

Many Agents (including myself) are willing to help you for free to get through this situation.

The sole purpose of a short-sale is to AVOID Foreclosure.

as long as you meet the criteria of a Distress Property Home Owner” you may qualify for a Short-Sale regardless if your home is in a multi-millionare neighborhood.


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